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Sewage Back Up?

There is nothing more flustering than raw sewage on the floor of your Clyman basement from a plugged sewer line. The average property owner likely knows that sewer lines help transport waste water from the house to the underground sewer mains.  Other than that most homeowner give very little thought to their sewer drains.  Frequently there are early warning indicators before a sewer line fails.  The most common early warning indicators are water backing up from the floor drain, or any drain that makes a gurgling noise after water usage.  Toilets when flushed into a drain that is partially plugged will gurgle and flush with very little force. By design a sewer line is not supposed to become stopped up.  


Sadly many property owners encounter this awful event and Austin Plumbing is here to help. Known as the smell good plumbers we respond to over three-hundred stopped up drain stoppages each year in Clyman neighborhoods.


Clogged sewers can be caused by many different reasons, grease build up, an object that enters the sewer that is not dissolvable.  The usage of too much toilet paper can also be a key contributor to a clogged drain.  We find tree roots in many older areas, tree roots can grow into the sewer line causing a blockage of flow.  As sewer systems age and the ground continues to settle sewer lines can sag or form bellies in specific areas this will also cause improper flow and may cause a clogged main sewer.  Austin Plumbing Company has state of the art equipment to solve most drain problems.

Backed Up Kitchen Sink Drain

Kitchen sink drains are one of the most used drains in Clyman houses.  Not only is your kitchen sink the most used drain in the residence but it is also the most abused drain in the house.  It is almost impossible to keep small food particles from going down the drain and grease from cooking and dishes finds its way down the drain.  Improper use of a garbage disposer also increases the chances of your kitchen sink plugged up.  Over a period of time, the shredding knifes on your garbage disposal become dull causing the debris you are grinding to be in larger pieces and will cause drain stoppages.


Clyman property owners should throw peelings from vegetables away in the garbage (or better yet compost pile) then grind them down the disposal.  The best use for a garbage disposal is only to grind the small food particles up that get washed down the disposal side.  


A good habit to develop when using your kitchen sink is to run hot water for 15-30 seconds to wash down any debris that may be flowing down the drain.  The type of material that the drain is made out of also can dictate the amount of drain problems you have in your house.  Older residences that  have galvanized pipe or cast iron pipe will have more kitchen sink drain problems than residences with PVC or copper.  Austin Plumbing Company has many types of drain cleaning machines to efficiently clean your drain.  We take great pride and care making sure to clean and protect your Clyman house.

Shower Drain Plugged

Have you ever had ankle deep water while standing in your shower? Many property owners put up with slow bathtub drains for months and often times years. You see most homeowners put off the "little drain problems" until it becomes a much larger problem.  At the most undesirable time that shower drain will become completely plugged causing an urgent situation. Emergency drain stoppages are very annoying for a Clyman property owners not to mention expensive.  When a drain becomes slow or gurgling be sure to call and schedule a service call with Austin Plumbing Company the smell good plumbers at 262-367-3808.


Sewer cameras are a great way to properly diagnose a reacquiring drain problem.  Austin Plumbing Company has a sewer camera in every service truck.  It is standard practice on every main sewer we clean to inspect it with our video camera.  We can properly advise our Clyman clients why there sewer plugged up, the likelihood of it happening again and how to prevent it from occurring again. Most main sewer lines that have recurring problems have one or more of these problems; root intrusions, a sag or belly in the line, break or crack in the pipe or severe grease or sludge build up.


Hi pressure Water Jetting is also a very effective way to clean sewers that have had a history of reacquiring drain stoppages.  With up to 3000 psi and up to 18 gallons of water per minute we can peel off grease and sledge that has built up on the side wall of the pipe.  


Austin Plumbing Company wants to inform each customer of every possible way to prevent sewer backups and to be educated on all options and procedures to eliminate future problems.  Contact us today at 262-367-3808 - the home of the "Smell Good Plumbers".

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