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NO Water?  No Water Pressure?  Out of Water? 

No Problem…

No Water?


There is nothing more annoying than going to wash your hands at the sink at your Willow Creek residence and find out that there is no water at all! No water pressure - what do you do?


Homeowners in Willow Creek contact the plumbers at Austin Plumbing Company for urgent help.  No water means you are having a problem with your submersible well pump.  Or, the issue could be with the pressure switch.


Well Pump Problem

There are a couple of quick reasons you may find yourself with no water pressure in your Willow Creek house.  The circuit breaker could be tripped causing no power to the well pump.  There is also a chance the pressure switch could be failed. Turn the circuit breaker on and off, back to on and see if your well pump kicks back on.  Check the contacts on the pressure switch.  The contacts on the pressure switch should be clean and free of debris build up.  Be careful there is 115 volts or 220 volts of electrical power supplying the pressure switch control.   It is most safe to turn off all power when working on the well system even if you’re observing from a close distance.  Always turn off the power to the pressure switch before removing the cover.


Well Water

Do you know where your well is located on your property in Willow Creek? With the power off remove the well cap.  Observe all electrical wires look for arching or any wire that may be burnt or shorted out.  If you find a burnt or shorted out wire this will cause a no water situation.  If all electrical connections appear to be in proper order turn the power back on and listen for the sound of your submersible well pump running.  If you hear the pump running for a few seconds than turn off and back on again your well pump motor may be damaged.  If you are able, disconnect the wires at the well location and check for proper electrical current.  


If you are still experiencing no water, very poor water pressure, or water that is fluctuating up and down contact Austin Plumbing Company or give us a call at 262-367-3808.  Smell Good Plumber help will be on the way to your Willow Creek residence.


Submersible Well Pump

Did you ever open a faucet to find no water pressure at all?   If your well pump keeps losing pressure, or you continue to experience water spurting you could have one or more of these common well pump problems in your Willow Creek home. Before assuming that there is no water at all in the well, check to see that your well pump is functioning properly.  Verify that the check valve or foot  valve could be causing the problem.  In some cases, a hole in the pipe leading to the pump can occur.  This happens most frequently between the water tank and the submersible water pump.  And of course there is a potential that the pump system has just quit pumping water.  


Unfortunately, when a well pump decides to quit working often times there are no advanced warning.  Did you know that the average life of a submersible well pump is ten years?  However, we have replaced many well pumps that have been in operation over twenty years. Residence of Willow Creek have found the product life can vary depending upon the quality of the water in the well. When areas have high iron and sulfur content, well pumps do not last as long.  


There are several major brands of submersible water pumps.  A few common brands include Red Jacket Pump, Webtrol Pump and Barnes Pump. This list is not a complete list but is a good sampling of the major brands found in the Willow Creek area we serve. Most well pumps manufactured today have a Franklin Electric motor.  If you are experiencing any water pump issues or pressure problems please contact Austin Plumbing Company or call your Smell Good Plumber at 262-367-3808.

Finding Yourself Without Water near Willow Creek, WI