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Well Pumps & Tanks

Many of us in the Lake Country area have well water in our homes, which means that we rely on a well pump and tank for our water supply. Your pump, whether it is submersible or jet, pulls the water from your well into the tank, which acts as a reserve. When someone activates a water system, such as the kitchen faucet or shower, the water gets pushed into your home via the tank's pressure system.


If you've turned on your water and nothing comes out, or you're just getting poor pressure, there is a good chance you're having problems with your well system. However, the only way to know for sure is to call in the Smell Good Plumber to assess the situation.


Call (262) 367-3808 and bring in Austin Plumbing Company for:

  • Well Pump Repairs and Replacement
  • Pressure Tank Repairs and Replacement
  • Poor Pressure Problems


There are two basic types of well pump and pressure tank systems:

Traditional Well Pump & Pressure Tank

This system operates by pulling water from a well into a pressure tank. That tank acts as a reserve for your home's water supply and replenishes itself as needed.


Constant Pressure Well Systems

This system improves upon the traditional well pump & pressure tank system. Instead of turning on and off when your pressure tank gets to a standard pressure, a constant pressure well system will keep your tank at a constant pressure level to give your home a steady flow of water on a consistent basis, just like city water!


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